A Day In the Life: The Connected Employee

November 21, 2019 by Inpixon
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Companies are offering employees innovative and immersive experiences that enhance the employee experience. These experiences are mobile, smart, social, engaging, and meaningful to the employee.

In an age where the average job stint is 4 years, and even more volatile in the tech industry where companies are converting to little villages, attracting and retaining employees has become table stakes.

It's what goes into those efforts that meet the demand of the modern workforce that are really driving the industry. The connected employee wants to be able to dial up or turn down access to their company and job duties in digital minute but also be fully immersed at a moments notice. 

With work from home opportunities and gig jobs on the rise, the touchpoints of the workplace need to span at-home, on-site and in transit moments to connect to the workforce. This includes touchpoints like reserving a desk, joining a meeting, taking a virtual tour, reading company news, ordering food from the cafe, finding available parking spaces, navigating to different buildings. The use cases are endless. But it's our job as workplace professionals to provide that level of connectedness for each step in the employee journey.

Let's take a look at the ideal workday for the connected employee... a day in the life!


day in the life