Aruba Atmosphere 2019: Event Tech at Its Best

July 23, 2019 by Andrea Williams
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The CXApp Delivers Location-Aware Experiences for Over 3,500 Attendees

In the event tech space, no provider is more dedicated than Aruba Networks. For those unfamiliar with the company, it provides wireless networking and security solutions for the enterprise market. Based in lovely Santa Clara, CA, Aruba aims to revolutionize the way businesses connect and innovate in the digital world.

From March 31st to April 5th Aruba Atmosphere kicked off — taking place at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. The event was all about showcasing Aruba’s products to over 3,500 attendees. Discussions and panels also took place about the latest developments in the networking and security industries, and several experiences even helped attendees further their training and learning. 

Both onsite and off, the entire experience was driven by an event app, offered by The CXApp team. It offered a bevy of features and benefits from indoor mapping and wayfinding, to an event activity stream and notifications. 

How The CXApp Improved the Aruba Atmosphere Event

Throughout the event, the CXApp team was on-site to provide support. We were happy to see just how much it contributed to the whole experience. We saw close to 250,000 app sessions which is impressive for an event of this size. 

The CXApp Event In Las Vegas

The Many Benefits of Mobile Event Tech

The mobile experience powered the entire event. But in addition to mobile event app features such as logistics, notifications, speaker bios, and more, the CXApp provided some unique benefits: 

Aruba’s Meridian Location Tech Integration

Each guest was able to go from session to session with indoor mapping and step-by-step guidance. This is significant because the Mandalay Bay convention center is a huge venue spanning over 1,000,000-square-feet across 5 floors. 

This wayfinding functionality was powered by 500 beacons, serving up wayfinding requests to the venue attendees, helping everyone plan their experiences during the event. 

Guests were also able to find each other for networking and synchronize meetups with the Find A Friend feature.

The New Agenda Filter

A brand new feature debuted at the event introduced an agenda filter. The function allowed people to search based on new characteristics such as speakers, room, job title and more. This way, guests were always able to find exactly what they were looking for. 

Also, guests were able to create their own, personal agenda. This meant that each attendee had a personalized experience throughout the course of the event. Everything was tailored to what the attendee was interested in learning or accomplishing. 

Real-time Polling and Audience Feedback

A unique polling and audience feedback featured allowed event managers to create and publish live polls. 

By using the mobile app to create polls, you can get real-time audience feedback that’s recorded on the platform. The benefit here is taking the pulse of the event and having the ability to make adjustments on the spot. Live speakers can also use the polls to improve engagement during their presentations and generate a much more social experience, getting participants involved in the entire discussion.


There were three primary integrations necessary during the event:

  1. Cvent: Cvent offers online event management software. With our integration, any agenda items built in CXApp are automatically reflected inside of Cvent in real-time. 
  2. Jifflenow: Jifflenow provides scheduling, management and analysis of strategic B2B meetings. This system worked with the CXApp to support executive one to one meetings that took place on-site at the event.
  3. Chargifi: Thanks to Chargifi, guests can look up the location of charging ports for their mobile phones. Guests can seek out and have map guidance to those charging points (step by step directions with wayfinding). The map will even indicate whether each charging port is currently in use or its available. 

According to Tim Vanevenhoven, Vertical Products & Solutions Marketing at Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, the on-site feedback regarding the app was very positive, with many attendees using the mobile platform to guide themselves around the venue. 

For instance, during the keynote session, guests posted photos and comments to the activity stream. A whopping 715 posts were published to the Activity Stream during the entire conference, which is more than double the 286 posts received throughout the year.

Tim also said, “it’s just been fun working with the CXApp team”. 

The pleasure was all ours!

A Memorable Event for All

This event was fun, informative and seamless for attendees. Our team enjoyed being on-site to take advantage of great activities like networking with suppliers in the Innovation Zone or even during the ultimate conclusion, an appreciation party to end all appreciation parties.

Andrea is the Director of Marketing. She is passionate about hand-crafted brand messaging, marketing, and product stories at the intersection of market trends, development, and go-to-market strategies.