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Jean Moncrieff is Jibestream's Location Independent Marketing Lead – current location, Italy. In addition to all things marketing, he loves travel, writing, and red wine. Currently experimenting with vegetarianism.

8 Ways to Create a Holistic Experience at the Airport

7 minute read |
April 2, 2016
Being part of a rapidly growing tech company means I spend a lot of time traveling – more so because our head office is in Toronto and I'm based in Europe. And while a...

Indoor Mapping, the “Build versus Buy” Dilemma

5 minute read |
March 18, 2016
Companies across numerous industries are building cross platform apps with indoor navigation or adding navigation features to existing apps. Mostly, they have the same...

Shopping Mall Apps Enhance a Shopper's Path to Purchase

2 minute read |
February 19, 2016
    A fully integrated shopping mall app will enhance a shopper’s path to purchase and affect incremental visits and spending at your shopping mall properties. 

Indoor Wayfinding Makes Booking a Meeting Room Easy

3 minute read |
December 4, 2015
Indoor maps are making it easier for employees to navigate large, complex campuses. Using mobile devices and kiosks, employees are able to search for meeting rooms, hot...

How Wayfinding Improves the Digital Workplace

5 minute read |
November 25, 2015
    Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms are bringing mapping and location-aware technologies to the digital workplace, improving productivity and workplace management.  

Experience of Place [JibeTalks]

3 minute read |
October 21, 2015
  At Jibestream, our people are outstanding at creating an exceptional Experience of Place.  Not to blow our own horn, but we have some of the most talented people in the...

How Enterprise Wayfinding enhances IWMS

5 minute read |
August 26, 2015
    Facilities managers are facing an ever-increasing demand for more-effective management of their portfolios. As their portfolios grow to include larger, more complex...

JibeTalking Disability and Integrated Workplace

2 minute read |
July 2, 2015
Hi, everyone! We’re excited to announce a new series on our blog called JibeTalk. JibeTalk is our weekly newsletter brought to you by the JibeStream Team, with curated...


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