Contact Tracing in the Workplace

June 3, 2020 by David Xides
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As workplaces around the world begin to reopen, organizations are exploring ways to prevent future flare ups and keep employees safe and healthy in the long term. There may be times where social distancing and workplace hygiene and cleaning processes are unable to prevent someone in an office from getting sick. If that should happen, it’s important for the organization to be able to activate contact tracing protocols in order to try prevent further spread.

What is contact tracing?

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In public health, contact tracing is the process of identification of persons who may have come into contact with an infected person and subsequent collection of further information about these contacts. In a workplace, digital contact tracing can be used to help identify the locations within the building that the person in question was, and which other people and devices they were in contact with. 

Effective workplace contact tracing enables organizations to notify people who may be at risk of infection, and deploy cleaning teams to close down and sanitize areas and objects that have been exposed, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Why is contact tracing technology important? 

Using indoor location technology to support indoor contact tracing efforts is very important, especially in large, complicated environments. One reason for this is that currently, contact tracing is dependent on interviews and heavily reliant on a person’s memory. Being able to identify someone’s movements throughout a building over a predetermined prior time period would greatly help support that process, and speed up the contact tracing process dramatically.

Prepare for Tomorrow, Today

Contact tracing within a building or organization is one of the keys to keeping people safe as we move back to the workplace. Inpixon’s Indoor Intelligence solutions can equip your organization with the necessary infrastructure to support an array of safety and productivity use cases as you transition back into the workplace.

Contact our team today to learn how to activate contact tracing technology in your workplace. 


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David Xides is an Enterprise Account Executive based in New York with a wide range of experience delivering enterprise solutions and expertise in corporate indoor intelligence technology.