Customer Experience Trends for Meetings and Briefings

October 10, 2019 by Inpixon
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How to Use Both Tech and Thoughtfulness to Win at CX


As our team prepares to attend the ABPM (Association of Briefing Program Managers) fall event in Dallas, Texas, we’ve got meetings and briefings on the brain. 

Few things are as exciting as finally getting that prospective customer to agree to an in-person meeting with your team. Now’s the time to dazzle them! With new technology - such as mobile apps - in play, what are the most innovative and effective ways to delight guests?


Take a look at some major trends in the meetings and briefings industry: 


Real-time, in-meeting polls.

Traditionally, surveys are used to gauge customer sentiment at the end of an executive briefing event, but in-the-moment polling is on the rise. This approach garners instant feedback in a shorter format to help steer conversations or quickly take the pulse of a room.

Staging and mood setting.

This is certainly a more abstract concept, but you can help influence the moods of your prospective customers on a setting by setting basis. Create an agenda of rooms designed to spark different emotions, such as brighter rooms with a light and airy feel to encourage collaboration or cooler rooms with few distractions to encourage contemplation and mindfulness.

In modern corporate campuses, this can be accomplished using technology that allows users to control physical elements like lighting from a mobile system. 

Custom food options.

Of course, food has nothing to do with the deal you’re trying to close. However, the overall impression you’re making is very important, and you want to offer a “white glove” on-site experience. Now, custom food requests can be sent prior to the meeting via sms or poll. In addition, highly stylized food kiosks are being invited into the mix to provide whatever food trend is most popular, whether it’s personalized cookies or popsicles on a hot day!

Location-based alerts.

Guide your guests through the executive briefing center with customized messaging based on their location. For instance, as soon as the guests arrive in the parking lot, send them a welcome notification and direct them to the nearest coffee station. You can also offer turn-by-turn directions to points of interest, call out the importance of specific sites and encourage them to interact with digital signage. 

Speaker's bureau.

This is a space or hub where all the data on speakers for your center is stored. Examples include net promoter scores, ratings, strengths/weaknesses and areas of expertise. This makes it easier for you to select a match for each customer. 

It’s a complicated job, we know. But with a bit of help from the latest technology, you can translate your attention to detail into an outstanding modern experience! For more insights, check out the infographic below: 


Meetings and Briefings Trends Infographic