April 24, 2018

women.js & YWCA Day Camp: Defining Diversity in Tech

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YWCA Toronto March Break day camp at JibestreamJibestream's women.js group hosted a YWCA Toronto Girls' March Break day camp at our Toronto headquarters. While we decided to forgo beer on tap as the refreshment of choice, we did offer the girls a glimpse into the possibilities of what a future in tech could look like. 

There was no shortage of interest at the company. JibeCrew members, ranging from project managers to executives to developers and designers, all jumped at the opportunity to talk about their role at Jibestream and their personal stories of how and why they chose a career in tech.

18-0412_DSC_4523 18-0412_DSC_4554 YWCA Toronto March Break day camp at Jibestream

Everyone here has a strong sense of identity, and we're committed to providing a workspace that celebrates and supports their identifiers. But supporting individuals isn't always enough. Women comprise 13% of the average tech company’s executive team, while 53% of tech companies have no female executives at all (Where's the Dial Now? View Report). 

So how can we offset this? 

When YWCA Toronto proposed a March break day camp, we knew that this was an excellent opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation of women in tech. A handful of ambitious girls joined us on a Friday in March to tour our office, see what our indoor mapping platform can do, and to hear our team's personal (and sometimes surprising) stories.

YWCA Toronto March Break day camp at Jibestream

YWCA Toronto March Break day camp at Jibestream YWCA Toronto March Break day camp at Jibestream


18-0412-1131_DSC_4549JibeCrew of all roles and identifiers stepped up to share the reasons they chose a career in tech, specifically at Jibestream. Dana Marciniak, Map Design Lead says:

I believe that the constant exposure to unique perspectives within our team strengthens our approach towards all creative solutions. Diversified skill-sets, dynamic backgrounds, rich experiences, and a hybrid of formal and informal education is fundamental to our success as a company.

We couldn't thank YWCA Toronto enough for giving us the opportunity to show the girls what we think a diversified, fair, and supportive tech environment looks like. Our approach certainly has room for further growth, but we believe firmly that by taking small but mindful steps towards equality, we're making lasting changes for everyone in tech.

For opportunities to work with women.js, please contact us.

womendotjs-horiz-01women.js is a special interest group with the mission to increase the presence of women within their organization and to inspire gender equality in tech.

logo-YWCA YWCA Toronto is an organization that advocates for women and girls, providing transformative services in the areas of employment support and training, housing options and shelters, leadership development programs for girls and key supports for women and children who have experienced violence.


Jeannie Ly

Jeannie is a Success Engineer at Inpixon

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