Reopening The Office - Spaces To Support In Person Work

October 15, 2020 by Inpixon
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The office will always be a place for innovation, collaboration, and socialization. You can't take that away from the workforce or we'll all end up in the futuristic virtual reality world sooner than expected. 


Realistically what we're looking at and largely admitting to - is something that's a little bit better than expected, assuming we have the tools and technology in place to support it: purpose-built spaces in the workplace that can support an agile workforce. 

While we all have varying degrees of benefits working from home, there is nothing that can replace human contact. Working from home can be challenging.

72% of remote workers aren't working from a dedicated office space

The next version of the workplace will see continued trends in flexible workplace and work-from-home opportunities, but also a more purposeful focus on quality work influenced by who you work with and where you work.

The Office Is Not Dead!

Work Styles That Are Best Done In Person

Here's a quick list of workplace needs, activities, and work styles that can be done in person but also actually benefit greatly from 'in the office' accommodation. Our work environments too, need to match our work task so that spaces are optimized, conference rooms are appropriately utilized, and seat allocation becomes easier to manage.

In Office Work Needs