Digital Demands of the Modern Employee

December 19, 2019 by Inpixon
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As more Gen Z, iGen, Centennials enter the workforce, they bring with them a level of expectation that previous generations did not. They grew up with the technology that now drives modern businesses and day to day experiences, rather than having built it.

The growing workforce of younger, more  modern employees carryover their personal life touchpoints into their professional life, and as such, the workplace has to adopt not only their culture, but operations as well to account for these new expectations. 

Often we see these expectations manifest into digital demands: Omni-channel. BYOD. Mobile Apps.

These are all building blocks that are required to support the digital transportation of the modern workplace. But most importantly, companies will have to future-proof any experiences they are are building today, and that means being able to identify and align with emerging trends that the newer generations are bringing to the forefront of business.

Here are the commonalities we are seeing amongst modern employees expectations.