How to Use an Indoor Mapping Platform to Drive Tenant Revenue

October 16, 2019 by Trish Sissons
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When we talk with organizations exploring indoor mapping solutions, the initial use case they’re typically investigating is indoor navigation. The exciting thing is that once an organization has their maps digitized for a wayfinding solution, there are many opportunities to drive additional ROI from that same initial set of indoor maps. In this sense, wayfinding can actually be considered a ‘gateway use case’ for indoor maps. 

What begins as an indoor navigational tool for users opens up to a world of location-aware IoT use case possibilities - the most exciting of which are those that drive real, tangible business outcomes. For example, the same mapping platform that helps people get from Point A to Point B in your building can also help you drive more tenant revenue using spatial business intelligence.

Spatial Data for Data-Driven Shopping Mall Tenant Management

Using indoor location analytics and a robust indoor mapping platform, we could visualize foot traffic and spatial congregation in a mall. This type of data is highly valuable to shopping malls and REITs, as it essentially empowers tenant management teams to make more analytical and data driven decisions. They could use indoor location information to adjust rent based on which areas of the building have the highest foot traffic and longest dwell times.

Tenant Revenue Visualization
By merging tabular data with geospatially accurate maps, we can give data spatial meaning. When we’re able to combine footfall traffic, dwell times, and other ‘people movement’ data with the context of location, it makes it easier to understand that data. Additionally, by using business intelligence or indoor positioning analytics tools we also have the power to make that data more actionable and meaningful. 

A major benefit of indoor mapping is that you can use it to understand the ways that people move throughout your buildings. By discovering hidden patterns in the ways people are moving indoors, and by using indoor maps and spatial business intelligence, organizations can create new value from their indoor maps, and drive additional ROI.



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