January 21, 2016

Indoor Navigation Facilitates an Agile Workplace

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As millennials become a larger portion of the workforce, the barriers typically associated with the adoption of new technologies are disappearing. Mobile apps now play an important role in the digital workplace; increasing efficiency and improving productivity. This is especially true of indoor navigation and wayfinding apps – combining location aware technology with existing business applications, like conference room scheduling – facilitating the trend toward a more agile workplace.

Companies are constantly searching for ways to improve employee efficiency. And, more often than not, poor communication via email and unproductive meetings are cited as the main causes of time wasted. However, as companies become more collaborative, employees find themselves spending more time in ad-hoc meetings, collaborating on a piece of work. The new source of wasted time; the transition and journey between meeting locations.


To put things into context, let’s consider the following scenario:

John, a sales rep at TechComp, spends most of his time on the road, only coming into the office on Mondays and Fridays. He doesn't have his own desk, instead the company offers a number of hot desks available for the field sales team. John arrives at the office bright and early, but finds all the hot desks already taken, so he decides to work from the cafeteria instead.

Once settled in, he realizes that he needs to schedule an impromptu meeting with his manager and sales engineer to address a customer issue. Having contacted both parties to ascertain their availability, John scrolls through a list of meeting rooms to see what is available. He can only locate a free room on the 3rd floor of building B, an area of the campus he is not familiar with. After some time spent locating the meeting room, the parties meet, and John leaves with a resolution to his customer's issue. 


Here's how an indoor wayfinding solution can improve John’s experience:

Location–aware technologies are helping to make complex corporate campuses instantly familiar. Using indoor maps with turn-by-turn navigation, employees can quickly locate meeting rooms and hotdesks, reducing the time wasted moving between locations. 

Integration with existing business applications also means employees can access multiple systems–scheduling, Active Directory, Audio Visual tools–through a single interface. As an example, John could have searched for a hotdesk and booked it, before leaving home this morning. Or when setting his impromptu meeting, accessed attendee calendars and booked a meeting location based on proximity to attendees; all done using his mobile app.

Let’s revisit John’s experience using indoor wayfinding:

John, a sales rep at TechComp, works primarily on the road during the week but he normally comes into the office every Monday and Friday. He does not have his own assigned desk but the company offers a number of hot desks available for the field sales team. Before John arrives to the office, he opens up his company’s app on his mobile device and books his favorite hot desk for the entire morning. 

After taking care of some emails from the night before, he realizes that he needs to schedule an impromptu meeting with his manager and sales engineer (SE) to address a customer issue. John heads to an interactive kiosk nearby and sees that there is a meeting room available across the corporate campus, which is right where his SE normally sits. He does a quick search for his manager and SE and sees that they are also available and quickly books the room after sending them a notification to meet him there. The meeting starts promptly and John is able to communicate with his client with a solution faster than he expected.

With the modern workforce becoming more transient, and more agile, employers must introduce technologies that support new way of working. The digital workplace presents significant opportunities to create a more productive workforce, if armed with the right tools.



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