The Digital Workplace of the Future: Smart, Innovative, & Connected

June 6, 2018 by Jeannie Ly
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Smart workplaces begin with smarter use of technology. As the business world continues to be driven by the digital evolution, workplaces have to adapt. 

Organizations need to cater to the next generation of tech-savvy employees and the increasing expectation for workplace experience and interconnectivity. So what does the workplace of the future look like?

It's a digital environment where employees can quickly and easily share knowledge, collaborate, and have immediate access to resources on demand, all from their mobile devices. 

Imagine an agile workspace where employees who often travel or are off-site can book a desk for when they're onsite. Hot desking is a workspace sharing model where desks are not assigned to one person, but can be used by anyone at anytime. So when a traveling employee needs to work onsite, they simply open your app and search for the nearest available hot desk on a map.  Not only does this create a more productive work environment that encourages collaboration, it helps your organization reduce cost by optimizing space utilization. 

Smart technologies drive digital innovation, increase productivity and optimize workplace efficiencies. With indoor mapping and location technology, you can transform your workplace into a powerful and dynamic space. Explore the possibilities in this infographic below.

Inpixon - The Digital Workplace Infographic

Learn how Inpixon's indoor mapping and positioning platform can help your corporate workplace become smarter, more innovative and connected

Jeannie is a Success Engineer at Inpixon