Inpixonite Profile: How Brad Takes Systems Engineering to the Next Level

May 12, 2021 by Trish Sissons
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Inpixonites are made of something special, and Brad Devereaux is the perfect example of someone made of the right stuff! Brad is our Director of Systems Engineering, and he's been with the company since 2013. He recently spoke to us about the culture at Inpixon and what drew him to the company not once, but twice.


What drew you to Inpixon?

Inpixon builds technology that is changing the way people interact with and experience indoor environments, and use data. This tech is something I aligned with right away and found really interesting. My expertise has always been around the security product, Inpixon Aware. Inpixon Aware enables organizations to augment their traditional security measures and policies with wide spectrum RF detection. It gives users the ability to see signals that are disrupting their environment and transforms the way establishments protect personal data and information. These products are solving major problems and offering solutions to complex challenges. This is what keeps me motivated and driven to continue to advance our product. 

What is your experience of the culture at Inpixon?

There is such character at this company and there is camaraderie here. One of the best things about our culture is our shared mentality: Be the first ones in and the last ones out. If one person falls, we all fall. If one person succeeds, we all share in that success.

One of our values is Together is Better and we really live this. Our mindset has always been that we are only getting better when we are working together. It’s everything from creating a supportive environment to having great team spirit and feeling confident sharing ideas and collaborating. 

You briefly left the organization - What inspired you to return to Inpixon?

Many things about my role continue to keep me engaged, but one of the main reasons I chose to return was because of the great relationships I had with my team and with my manager. It’s rare to share that type of collaborative dynamic with someone and it’s been a relationship I really value. Another reason was for the opportunity to learn and to share my own knowledge with others. It is a safe space for us to speak our minds and collaborate productively. 

Ultimately what I’ve learned during my time here and from the opportunities I’ve had is what has helped me take the next step in my career and move into my current role. My goal now is to support others within the organization the way I was supported and offer guidance for their own development and growth. 

What is exciting about the work you do? 

Every day, we are solving customers' problems, and finding ways to advance our solutions. Whether it’s about the sales side or locking down new technology and troubleshooting, we offer unique support to others. This is the type of work I’m most passionate about: when you can help others feel more confident with technology. We are creating technology that offers another level of protection for people during their daily lives. That’s where I really strive for the best. If we don’t, then we won’t deliver the best. We are doing really great things - and being part of that process is the best thing I can take away. It’s also the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and rapidly growing segment of the industry, and actively witness our solutions get integrated into workplaces and other complex environments. 

One of my proudest moments was a test we were working on with a military base. It was living proof of just how much support our product offers. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that my contributions are going towards a product that is making a difference. 

Why do you stay?

The most important things for me are the people and the technology. The tech is forward-thinking and we are always pushing things to the next level. I like to think of our company as a “Star Trek” type - advanced technologies and modern positioning in the industry. We’re piecing new and innovative parts of the industry together and making it more compelling for end users. Inpixon is adventuring into the beyond and finding innovative ways to expand this type of technology. 

Our ability to push the product to the next level together, solve problems, and make critical advancements to the safety and efficiency of indoor spaces inspires, challenges, and rewards me every day. Finding that full spectrum of purpose and amazing teammates is rare. I know, because I left, and came back. 

We are expanding our teams across North America, and currently have multiple openings on our Sales team. To learn more about Brad’s work, the Sales team, and the current opportunities we have at Inpixon, visit our careers page


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Trish is the Digital Marketing Manager at Inpixon. When she’s not digging into all things digital, you’ll find her playing in the great outdoors, running her book club, crafting, or boarding a plane heading somewhere sunny.