July 31, 2015

Connected Customers, Geolocation in Google Search & Digital Transformation

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This week has been all about the customer experience. Technology experts, futurists and experienced professionals talk about the transformational role of disruptive technologies and how businesses can leverage them to truly stand out. 

The Moment of Truth: Connected Customers and How to Re-Imagine Customer Experiences

The Moment of Truth: Connected Customers and How to Re-Imagine Customer Experiences

Principal analyst for the Altimeter Group and digital anthropologist Brian Solis talks about his study of how technology is disrupting our behavior as consumers, customers, employees etc. He asks “What’s different about the digital customer and how they’re consuming our products or how they want to consume?”


"Technology is an enabler of this new era of business. It’s also a driver of new business philosophies and how we think about the customer; or even how we think about employees."


In this fun and engaging presentation for PegaWorld, he talks about disruptive technologies and how they should give businesses inspiration as to what type of technology they deploy and most importantly how they deploy it.

The way that technology advancement and digital transformation are shaping relationships, improving employee engagement and customer experience, is something that really excites us at Jibestream. By contributing to 'Digital Darwinism' we are helping our partners become more relevant to their customers, become more engaged in customer experiences and, ultimately, help bring customers closer to their brands.


Google Search Now Shows You When Local Businesses Are Busiest

Google Search Now Shows You When Local Businesses Are Busiest

Using geolocation technology, Google Search is now crowdsourcing data from Google Maps from consenting smartphone users to determine how busy a place is.

The feature is not  live yet for all Google users, but is in the process of rolling out now; according to Google, the feature is currently enabled for “millions” of places and businesses around the world, and will be directly accessible from Google Search on all mobile phones with an Internet connection, in modern mobile web browsers and on Android’s Google Search App.

“Much like we compute traffic data based on the anonymized aggregated movement of people on the road, we are able to determine relatively how busy a place is”.

Source at Google via TechCrunch

CMO: Customer experience economy requires corporate culture rethink

CMO: Customer experience economy requires corporate culture rethink

During the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium, former CMO of NAB Sandra de Castro,talked about the age of customer-first, digital and now mobile-driven interactions.

A firm believer the customer experience,  she encouraged businesses to break the down distinctions between functions and create an agile, collaborative culture in order to meet modern customer expectations.

As the lines between physical and digital blur out, mobile technology has a more relevant role than ever.

“We see mobile as a blending of the channels. (...) It can connect everything - the voice, physical, digital, content and personalized media. It also offers the potential for a really complex industry to simplify things for the customer and make it pleasant.”

Sandra de Castro via CMO.com

However, organizations are still thinking and acting in the world of functional silos, unable or unwilling to connect everything and deliver a remarkable digital experience, which ultimately is their loss.

“There is an opportunity to create a revolution in customer experience, but you’re only going to do that if you forget the silos. (...) You must step across boundaries and look at everything from a customer’s perspective and challenge the fundamental tenets of how we do business.”

Sandra de Castro via CMO.com 


Chris Wiegand

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