July 2, 2015

JibeTalking Disability and Integrated Workplace

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Hi, everyone! We’re excited to announce a new series on our blog called JibeTalk.

JibeTalk is our weekly newsletter brought to you by the JibeStream Team, with curated links of interest in the wayfinding world to help educate and entertain on location-aware technologies, indoor mapping and wearable technologies.


assist-Mi - The revolutionary disability access app


We came across this revolutionary Kickstarter, assist-Mi, an app providing real-time assistance for the disabled user on the go. The idea is simple, you open up the app, decide where you want to go, request assistance and make your way to the retailer or service provider; confident that assistance will be on hand when you arrive. 

The reason we love this app is that accessibility is a fundamental part of any digital wayfinding solution. Whether it's making sure that wayfinding software interfaces are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant or providing accessibility options that dynamically update indoor navigation based on the users preference. Read more about the #AccessRevolution.


Wayfinding and the IWMS Connection


Location-aware technologies are radically increasing the amount of data generated by individuals about their activities and location. Integrating wayfinding software with Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) will give companies better insight into how office space is being utilized, employee traffic patterns and dwell times, and effective cost allocation based on workspace usage.

At Jibestream we are excited to be exploring partnerships with leading IWMS and Facilities Management solution providers. These partnerships will help us continue to create exceptional wayfinding experiences for our customers.


If you have links that you think would be interesting for inclusion and commentary, send them to the JibeTalk Team


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Jean Moncrieff

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