Introducing the Cast: Meetings and Executive Briefing Centers

July 18, 2019 by Inpixon
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The Personas that Use and Benefit From a ‘Meetings’ Mobile App

If you’re at all familiar with The CXApp blog, you’ll have noticed that we regularly publish one pagers called “persona spotlights”. These are quick overviews of the organizational roles that our platform serves. 

Now, you might be wondering, why are personas important?

Creating a persona one pager is an exercise in imagination, where everything else is put on hold and we view the world from someone else’s perspective. In this case, with respect to meetings, what does it look like to oversee an executive briefing program? What are the concerns and challenges of someone in that role? What kind of mobile app features are best suited to a speaker or account manager?

Thinking this way might seem abstract or fanciful, but it really helps us formulate features that specifically serve these different roles at critical moments. Additionally, we start to see how these different roles interact, and how a mobile platform can facilitate teamwork and collaboration to achieve organizational goals. 

Take a look at our personas for all things meetings and executive briefings.

And yes, their names are memorable:

  • David Visitus, Customer
  • Mary Plansit, Briefing Program Manager
  • Alexis Lively, Account Manager
  • Jon B. Selling, Sales Director
  • Robert Leads, VP of Technology and Discussion Leader


Meeting Personas