Moving Forward: Navigating Toward the Future of Indoor Intelligence

December 19, 2019 by Chris Wiegand
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As we close out both a very busy 2019 and a decade of innovation and nearly constant change, I wanted to share some reflections on the past year including our acquisition, and some updates as we move into 2020. 

Ten years ago, I co-founded Jibestream with the goal to make the indoor world digitally addressable to change the way people live, work, and play indoors. In August of 2019, Jibestream was acquired by the Palo Alto-based indoor data company, Inpixon. The months following the acquisition have only served to reaffirm for me that Jibestream and Inpixon are a great fit with tons of potential to achieve great things together. From internal hackathons to cross-company summits, we have been full steam ahead with merging our systems and integrating our products, and the excitement across the teams is palpable.

Why Inpixon?

When we were in conversations with the Inpixon team, it became clear that we were aligned in more ways than we knew. With our similar cultures, vision alignment, and shared internal systems and processes, it has become increasingly apparent to us that this amalgamation has incredible strategic value for both parties as we compliment each other on many levels. 

Ultimately, the decision wasn’t just to sell Jibestream - we decided to sell Jibestream to Inpixon. Together, we will work towards our shared vision of the value that we can deliver through indoor location-enabled services.

What can you expect?

This deal accelerates our journey towards what is now our joint mission, to harness the power of indoor data to deliver actionable indoor intelligence - and indoor maps remain central to that. Mapping technology is valuable to many initiatives and IoT use cases, and Inpixon recognizes the value that we bring in terms of people, product, process, and subject matter expertise. Where other companies may have bought us and broke up our technology, Inpixon is committed to continuing to innovate and invest in the realm of indoor maps.

As we grow together, Jibestream will benefit in many ways, as will our clients. The expansion of our products and solution offerings means that where we were previously a single component of an indoor intelligence initiative, we are now able to offer a more comprehensive solution with Inpixon’s range of hardware and software. To that end, our indoor mapping solution will remain interoperable and agnostic, but we now have a greater breadth of services on offer. We are excited to offer the benefits of a more integrated technology stack, while continuing to maintain our partner ecosystem.

What’s changing?

As we enter the new year, there are a few changes that you will start to notice. While we have built a recognizable brand and a strong voice in the industry over the last ten years as Jibestream, we will soon be transitioning to Inpixon Mapping. While the Jibestream brand will fade into the background, the technology and team that you’ve come to know and trust will remain as we become one unified company under the Inpixon banner, representing the holistic, comprehensive indoor solutions we now offer.

With this transition, our web presence will soon begin to shift as well. In time, we will be consolidating our websites, and continuing the conversation about indoor intelligence on Inpixon’s social media platforms. I encourage you to join us and start following the Inpixon social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook today.

Thank you for being on the journey with us. 


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With a track record of success in both business growth and business transformation, Chris Wiegand has dedicated his career to discovering and creating business opportunities that address real-world needs. In 2009, Chris co-founded indoor mapping company Jibestream, and led its incredible growth from an idea to a globally recognized leader in the indoor mapping space. Chris joined the Inpixon team in 2019 with Inpixon’s acquisition of Jibestream, where he continues to be a leading voice in the indoor intelligence space, driving success for the company’s indoor intelligence solutions.