Outdoor-Indoor Tracking & Navigation: Safety Inside and Out

August 11, 2020 by Trish Sissons
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Outdoor-indoor navigation has never been more important than it is today. As with many other location technology use cases, what was once viewed as purely an experiential service is now recognized as a useful tool to keep people safe and businesses operating in trying times. Building a seamless journey from people’s homes to their workplaces has the added benefit of helping employees avoid high-traffic situations to maintain physical distancing. 

As workforces move towards a remote-first approach and offices are redesigned to address health concerns, not all employees will be able to work from home full-time. Outdoor-indoor navigation has stepped to the forefront as a means to make the process of moving from home to the office smoother and safer for when an employee’s presence at the workplace is required. 

Furthermore, location technology that supports outdoor and indoor tracking and navigation means that both public health initiatives and organizational security concerns can be addressed using the same tools. For example, the indoor intelligence infrastructure that supports outdoor-indoor navigation can also be used to facilitate workplace contact tracing across large corporate campus environments. In a workplace, digital contact tracing can be used to help identify the locations within the building that an infected person was, and which other people and devices they were in contact with. Effective workplace contact tracing enables organizations to notify people who may be at risk of infection, and deploy cleaning teams to close down and sanitize areas and objects that have been exposed, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

In these complex situations, Inpixon’s outdoor-indoor location technology has the ability to scale to support enterprise operations, meeting the needs of thousands of employees across multiple locations and corporate environments. Beyond keeping people safe, enabling these intelligent solutions also contributes to a better employee experience, contributing to improved employee retention.

Indoor intelligence not only helps organizations to safely advance through the phases of recovery, but also cultivates the kind of situational awareness that will make workplaces safe and efficient spaces into the future. To find out how to create navigation experiences that keep your employees safe and feeling secure, contact us to schedule a consultative workshop and demonstration. 


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Trish is the Digital Marketing Manager at Inpixon. When she’s not digging into all things digital, you’ll find her playing in the great outdoors, running her book club, crafting, or boarding a plane heading somewhere sunny.