December 3, 2014

Poker, Personalization and Pancakes

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pancakeHow Smart Is Your Casino?

The Intro
With smartphone hardware advancements, we are seeing a shift of attention into mobile applications. Some apps cater social media, others deliver pizza, and some are trying to become smarter. Not just better, but smarter.

What does this mean?
With GPS on smartphones, it’s possible to track someone’s location and with the right software apps, to know not only where you are, but if you’ve been there before and what you did last time. The more data you have, the more power you have; this information creates an algorithm of the clients’ needs and interests and delivers it to each client through a custom, tailored VIP experience.

So, who can benefit from this type of software?
Anyone from Amazon to Zillow. Right now, we see a growing demand to improve customer service such as casinos, hotels, festivals, etc.

The Vision
Imagine a large, popular casino that wants to know when a VIP is arriving as soon as they enter the parking lot. The casino manager envisions greeting the VIP guest with their favorite beverage delivered by an admired cocktail waitress. With automatic location-based check-in, the clients could spend more time enjoying games and other revenue generating activities without all the initial hassles. Next, the casino uses the customers’ food preferences to send mobile push recommendations or directly send a favorite meal (late night pancakes, anyone?) to their room as the VIP enters the elevator. With a growing poker focus, the casino can direct the VIP to the nearest table with their typical buy-in level.

This feels smart, this looks smart, this is smart, and this is just the beginning. With more creative ideas bound to arise, casinos want to make their dreams a reality. The casino looks good for delivering exceptional customer service and the client feels good about the VIP experience, one we all want. It is this integrated data that enables the client experience to be seamless from arrival to entertainment and satisfaction -- all made possible with a downloadable casino app.

The Solution
Inpixon has created a location-based mobile services suite that is contextually aware. Instead of beacons shouting the same message at every passerby, Inpixon brings the power of relevance and individuality to its users. Inpixon combines location with apps to decipher who and where their clients are for managers to see on a floor map plan.

Recently, Inpixon’s locationing solutions were deployed around a casino without pausing surrounding activities. The seamless install led to eliminating customer down time and providing valued personalization. Inpixon’s location information and contextual awareness added to the casino’s entertainment and resulted in creating a powerful experience – one with happy and regular customers and an ongoing cycle of increasing revenue.

Providing the industry’s only complete location platform, Inpixon locates any 2G/3G/4G/LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth mobile device with an accuracy of a few feet. Casinos want to get smarter and with better marketing, security, and revenue. Improvements like these are going to be dependent on relationships with innovative software companies that create precise experiences.

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Will Adams

Will Adams is a Santa Monica based sales and marketing professional who worked with AirPatrol from 2014-2015.

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