Workplace Persona: Visitor, Smart Campus (by The CXApp)

May 16, 2019 by Andrea Williams
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Engage Onsite Visitors With a Workplace Experience Platform

Visitor Experience: Managing expectations and the on-site journey

97% of global consumers cite customer service as important in their brand choice and loyalty.

Smart Campus Visitor

What: Visitors such as partners and existing or potential customers need an always-on connection to your brand. When they visit your corporate campus, a mobile app platform helps provide additional touchpoints to  help them navigate the venue as well as get relevant information related to your business and on-site experience. This means you can craft memorable, connected experiences.

Why: It's difficult for large organizations to tell one cohesive brand story. A mobile platform that streamlines multiple tools into one centralized mobile command center bridges in-person experiences with mobile-first interactions. Visitors to your venue that use a smart campus app benefit from location-aware experiences such as wayfinding, contextual alerts, as well as have access to the latest company news, events, and content. Once started, that connection with the company can continue even after the visitor leaves your site by having on-demand access to your digital company touchpoints through the mobile app for seamless customer experience.

smart campus visitor

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