The CXApp Persona Spotlight: Employees and Mobile-First Experiences

March 26, 2019 by Andrea Williams
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What the Future of Work Looks Like for Employees

Employee Experience: Mobile Touchpoints That Drive Experiences

Did you know? 92% of employees say that having the technology to do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction.

Employee EngagementWHAT: Employees are among the greatest beneficiaries of digital transformation as it applies to the future of work. Regardless of the industry they’re in, employees are made more productive thanks to modern workplace experience technologies.


WHY: Organizations that encompass multiple buildings, locations and programs face unique challenges. Specifically, systems become divergent and venues are often sprawling, hard-to-navigate places. Modern tech that bridges the work environment with the workforce via smart, contextually-aware features brings employees together, saving them time and increasing engagement. The future of work promises more streamlined experiences and greater cross-departmental collaboration.

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