February 19, 2016

Shopping Mall Apps Enhance a Shopper's Path to Purchase

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A fully integrated shopping mall app will enhance a shopper’s path to purchase and affect incremental visits and spending at your shopping mall properties. 

However, for shopping mall apps to be effective they must, seamlessly integrate with location-aware technologies; offering a robust search functionality (for products and deals); and connect with various disparate data sources. In addition, map data and content must be easily manageable across shopping mall properties, delivering real-time, accurate information to consumers. Watch our latest video to see how it all comes together for Rob:





Find out how shopping mall apps are bridging digital and traditional shopping experiences!



Topic(s): IoT , Retail

Jean Moncrieff

Jean Moncrieff is Jibestream's Location Independent Marketing Lead – current location, Italy. In addition to all things marketing, he loves travel, writing, and red wine. Currently experimenting with vegetarianism.

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