June 16, 2014

Why are we still waiting in line at Starbucks?

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starbucksOr any other food establishment?

We’ve all done it.

We walk into our favorite coffee shop or restaurant short on time, looking to grab a quick cup of coffee or bite to eat and there IT is. The one thing we dread most of all.


Suddenly, that quick bite or cup of coffee just turned into what feels like an interminable wait. But why do we need to wait? Why isn’t today’s customer experience simplified, seamless, and secure?

For example, instead of walking into my favorite coffee shop to be greeted by the dreaded line, why am I not greeted by a prompt on my loyalty app saying:

“Welcome back Craig, the last three things you ordered were: X, Y, and Z, would you like to order one of those today or something else?”

Since I (as I suspect most people are) tend to be a creature of habit, I would simply press X, Y, or Z.

Bingo! My order is now being prepared.

No line for this kid.

In addition, using my loyalty app that includes a mobile payment option, I make a secure payment using my mobile phone from where I’m standing. Or, if needed, I can put my phone in front of a scanner to have my payment processed, all of which is much simpler than the current process.

So how can my seamless, secure retail dream be reality?


Employing sophisticated location technology that detects and locates 2G/3G/4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth mobile devices and which ties in to backend systems, retailers can immediately identify returning loyalty customers when they walk through the door. Using a loyalty app, the retailer can present the customer with his or her ordering history, enabling them to easily select which item or items they want.

With regards to payment, since the customer’s location has been validated as being within the store, an added measure of security is provided authenticating the payment.

So why are we waiting?

I’m hungry.

Featured guest blogger: Craig Wood, Inpixon Director Western Region and Carrier Relations
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