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The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Maps for Enterprises: The Building Blocks for Smarter Spaces

15 minute read |
July 17, 2020
The way we experience indoor spaces is about to change dramatically, and it is today’s enterprises that are leading the charge. While it is certainly a bold claim to say...

What is Office Hoteling and How Can it Benefit the Workplace?

7 minute read |
July 8, 2020
Office hoteling, also known as hot desking, is the method of reserving office space and resources in an office instead of assigning employees a regular workspace or...

Is Omnichannel Mapping the New Brand Standard?

7 minute read |
December 17, 2019
This post was contributed by Express Image Digital. Picture this - your guest is planning a visit to your mall. At their fingertips, there are three or more platforms...

How to Use an Indoor Mapping Platform to Drive Tenant Revenue

5 minute read |
October 16, 2019
When we talk with organizations exploring indoor mapping solutions, the initial use case they’re typically investigating is indoor navigation. The exciting thing is that...

How Indoor Maps Facilitate Facilities Management

7 minute read |
September 24, 2019
Autumn is an exciting time in the world of property technology. In October, CoreNet Global’s North American summit will bring together thousands of corporate real estate...

Applications of Indoor Maps and Machine Learning

5 minute read |
March 26, 2019
In my role as an Enterprise Solutions Architect, I get to spend a lot of time helping innovative organizations envision and implement exciting Internet of Things (IoT)...

Indoor Mapping Jargon: Digital Twins, IPS, IPIN & More

9 minute read |
February 7, 2019
When it comes to indoor mapping and navigation projects, there are lots of buzzwords and terms that get used with little explanation. They sound straightforward at first...

How Airports Are Fighting Congestion Using Indoor Mapping & Navigation

6 minute read |
January 22, 2019
  In airports today, the congestion struggle is real. As these complex transportation hubs become more and more congested with passengers, cargo, and aircraft in transit,...

The Benefits of Indoor Mapping for Corporate Campuses

4 minute read |
January 15, 2019
    In a corporate campus environment, indoor mapping and location technologies can help to streamline a variety of everyday processes and eliminate many common...

Hospital Wayfinding: The Key to Changing the Healthcare System

7 minute read |
January 1, 2019
Healthcare delivery systems are an integral element of any society and is usually considered a good indicator of how developed that society is. There have been numerous...

Improving the Patient Experience through Hospital Wayfinding

3 minute read |
January 1, 2019
Patient-centric healthcare delivery organizations understand that a positive patient experience goes beyond the physician consultation or the actual procedure. They are...

Using an Office Hoteling App: Adding Ease to Efficiency

5 minute read |
January 1, 2019
  Over the past several decades, the way we work has changed dramatically. Today's employees are more connected, more mobile, and more demanding of a flexible work...


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