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Using an Office Hoteling App: Adding Ease to Efficiency

5 minute read |
January 1, 2019
  Over the past several decades, the way we work has changed dramatically. Today's employees are more connected, more mobile, and more demanding of a flexible work...

San Francisco International Airport’s Award-Winning Indoor Mapping Solution

6 minute read |
December 20, 2018
  Earlier this year, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) launched a new and innovative interactive map system that creates location awareness throughout the...

How SDKs, Widgets, and Plugins Fit into Indoor Mapping Apps

5 minute read |
December 11, 2018
When we’re talking about app development and indoor mapping projects, a lot of technical terms get thrown around. Depending on your area of expertise, it’s easy to get...

10 Essential Features Indoor Wayfinding Adds to Your Shopping Mall App

8 minute read |
November 8, 2018
  When it comes to building your shopping mall app, you have the option to use an off-the-shelf solution or to develop a custom app – both approaches have their pros...

The Evolution of Wayfinding: From Static Signage to Blue Dots & Beyond

10 minute read |
November 6, 2018
When wayfinding works, we don’t even notice it. However, when it fails, our lives are derailed. We miss flights and connections, we’re late for important appointments, and...

How to Use One Indoor Map for Different Users & Situations with Map Profiles

8 minute read |
October 25, 2018
  Forward-thinking organizations know that they need their indoor maps to be scaleable - to do more than just navigate a single type of user through a building. While...

Path Planning Principles - Do You Know The Way?

8 minute read |
July 25, 2018
    For just over a decade, outdoor navigation has been dominated by Google Maps and other similar mapping applications. The indoor space, however, does not have a similar...

The Product: Our Indoor Mapping Engine

2 minute read |
January 26, 2016
  In this edition of #JibeTalks, we're talking to the people behind the Product. Louise and Akshay lead the Jibestream Product development team; responsible for...

Indoor Navigation Facilitates an Agile Workplace

5 minute read |
January 21, 2016
As millennials become a larger portion of the workforce, the barriers typically associated with the adoption of new technologies are disappearing. Mobile apps now play an...

What is Map Digitization & How is it Done?

3 minute read |
November 4, 2015
On this #JibeTalks, our Map Design Lead – Dana M. shares her thoughts on what Map Digitization is and some of the key steps in the process, which involves taking...

Advances In Wayfinding Technology Point Hospitals In The Right Direction

7 minute read |
August 19, 2015
Traditionally, hospital wayfinding has relied heavily on colour and symbolism, flooring and ceiling cues, easily identifiable landmarks, and static maps and signs. But...

How to Achieve Your Business Goals Through Interactive Maps

2 minute read |
June 16, 2015
  Interested to learn how you can achieve your business goals through interactive maps? Listen to the Google Hangouts live video event that took place on June 4th in...


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