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How to Use One Indoor Map for Different Users & Situations with Map Profiles

8 minute read |
October 25, 2018
  Forward-thinking organizations know that they need their indoor maps to be scaleable - to do more than just navigate a single type of user through a building. While...

Maps Tell Important Stories

3 minute read |
October 3, 2018
    I once had a professor - the esteemed communications and social change researcher, Dr. Martin Laba - who taught me what is potentially the most important thing I...

The World is Round, Your Map is Not

4 minute read |
August 29, 2018
    I once tried to gift wrap a soccer ball. It taught me an invaluable lesson. Assuming you agree with me that the earth is round, it might be surprising to learn that...

Path Planning Principles - Do You Know The Way?

8 minute read |
July 25, 2018
    For just over a decade, outdoor navigation has been dominated by Google Maps and other similar mapping applications. The indoor space, however, does not have a similar...

The Future of Hospitality: Leveraging Location to Drive Revenue

2 minute read |
June 19, 2018
The hospitality industry is ripe for innovation, and location-aware IoT technologies will be a driving force in helping hotels, resorts, and cruise lines to deliver...

Challenges and Chances in Healthcare - Part 1: Indoor Navigation

7 minute read |
November 16, 2017
Indoor Mapping and Indoor Positioning, commonly referred to as “indoor GPS”, has found its way into various industries, ranging from healthcare institutions and ...

Real-Time Health Systems (RTHS) and Experiential Wayfinding

7 minute read |
May 19, 2017
You have probably heard about Real-Time Health Systems (RTHS). This is a game-changing trend among healthcare providers where the delivery of healthcare is transforming to...

Indoor Navigation Facilitates an Agile Workplace

5 minute read |
January 21, 2016
As millennials become a larger portion of the workforce, the barriers typically associated with the adoption of new technologies are disappearing. Mobile apps now play an...

Indoor Wayfinding Makes Booking a Meeting Room Easy

3 minute read |
December 4, 2015
Indoor maps are making it easier for employees to navigate large, complex campuses. Using mobile devices and kiosks, employees are able to search for meeting rooms, hot...

How Wayfinding Improves the Digital Workplace

5 minute read |
November 25, 2015
    Enterprise Wayfinding Platforms are bringing mapping and location-aware technologies to the digital workplace, improving productivity and workplace management.  

What is Map Digitization & How is it Done?

3 minute read |
November 4, 2015
On this #JibeTalks, our Map Design Lead – Dana M. shares her thoughts on what Map Digitization is and some of the key steps in the process, which involves taking...

Advances In Wayfinding Technology Point Hospitals In The Right Direction

7 minute read |
August 19, 2015
Traditionally, hospital wayfinding has relied heavily on colour and symbolism, flooring and ceiling cues, easily identifiable landmarks, and static maps and signs. But...


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