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The Real Reason Your IoT Security Doesn't Work

7 minute read |
November 9, 2017
We're being engulfed by the IoT swarm. What's the real cost? Security professionals are fumbling, and it's no surprise. Historically, we're seeing undeniable parallels to...

To Stay in Business, You Need Physical Cybersecurity

7 minute read |
October 5, 2017
Physical cybersecurity: It’s the new hot-button topic making its way into security news feeds. So why are companies intent on ignoring the warning signs? Efforts to...

The Big, Bad World of IoT Security

4 minute read |
June 19, 2017
  Get ready: IoT is everywhere, and we aren’t ready for its explosion.

Cell Phones Are the New Black

4 minute read |
December 18, 2014
  Cell phones facilitate crimes and allow inmates to continue to threaten the public while inside correctional institution walls.

The End of Permissionless Location Tracking

5 minute read |
June 26, 2014
Apple sent a collective shudder through location-tracking and mobile marketing companies earlier this month when it announced that its upcoming iOS 8 release will include...

Howard County Cyber Security Firm Unveils New Headquarters

3 minute read |
February 20, 2014
COLUMBIA, MD Feb 20, 2014 - Howard County Executive Ken Ulman today helped cut the ribbon on a new headquarters for cyber industry leader AirPatrol Corporation. The...

Putting Awareness in Context

7 minute read |
February 13, 2014
“Context-Aware” is a technology buzzword getting a lot of misuse and that’s unfortunate because it's actually a pretty cool thing Wander through any of the myriad of...

How to Thwart the 1% that is Your Enemy

3 minute read |
June 13, 2013
100% growth seems unusual when discussing tech advancements but it’s now the global norm. In fact, we are expected to have two billion active smartphones and tablets next...

The Nuts and Bolts of Wireless Security

4 minute read |
February 6, 2013
It’s no secret, wireless technologies have become the de facto network access method for many enterprise users with smartphones and tablets leading the way as the tools of...

This Message Will Self-Destruct in 3…2…

2 minute read |
January 30, 2013
What started as a sexting phenomenon has now made its way into the enterprise security world.

International Prison Scandals: Inmates Using Contraband Cell Phones

5 minute read |
August 29, 2012
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A drug ring that two Indiana inmates allegedly ran behind bars using cellphones to orchestrate drug purchases and sales shows the risks posed by the...


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