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The Importance of Knowing Your Wireless Environment

3 minute read |
January 24, 2012
“After a security breach at the United States Chamber of Commerce last year, the Chamber discovered that its office printer, and even a thermostat in a Chamber-owned...

Mobile Risk Management: A Gap Analysis and A Paper

2 minute read |
August 9, 2011
  According to the SAIC/McAfee study, there will be 1.8 billion smartphones by 2013.  According to Trusteer, 1 in 20 mobile devices will be compromised by 2012.  That...

The Physics of Wireless Security and Honor Codes

3 minute read |
August 8, 2011
  Robust security practices nearly always require a physical mechanism which monitors the zone or system being protected and physically verifies the presence or absence of...

Remote Access and Mobile Device Security Policies: Best Practices

4 minute read |
June 14, 2011
Updated September 10, 2020: This post was originally published on June 14, 2011, and has been updated to reflect technology and industry changes. As our network security...

Situational Awareness

6 minute read |
April 25, 2011
When Guglielmo Marconi first demonstrated wireless telegraphy in 1896, he probably did not foresee an era when the telephone would be wireless and subsequently utilized to...


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