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3 Ways Indoor Maps are Changing Bus Stations for the Better

5 minute read |
March 12, 2019
The extent to which bus stations serve as both major transportation hubs and key community centers means that they are often very complex public spaces. In many parts of...

How Railway Stations are Digitally Transforming to Face the Future

7 minute read |
January 29, 2019
Following a decline in usage after World War II, rail transport has seen a revival in popularity in recent decades thanks to an increase in congestion on roads, rising...

How Airports Are Fighting Congestion Using Indoor Mapping & Navigation

6 minute read |
January 22, 2019
In airports today, the congestion struggle is real. As these complex transportation hubs become more and more congested with passengers, cargo, and aircraft in transit,...

San Francisco International Airport’s Award-Winning Indoor Mapping Solution

6 minute read |
December 20, 2018
  Earlier this year, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) launched a new and innovative interactive map system that creates location awareness throughout the...

8 Ways to Create a Holistic Experience at the Airport

7 minute read |
April 2, 2016
Being part of a rapidly growing tech company means I spend a lot of time traveling – more so because our head office is in Toronto and I'm based in Europe. And while a...

Improving the Transit Experience with Wayfinding Technology

3 minute read |
September 9, 2014
  Customers will soon have access to transit information across GTHA transit boundaries.


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