January 19, 2015

The Evolution of Wayfinding [Infographic]

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Wayfinding has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Increasingly, it not only answers a critical human need - Where are we? And, how do we get where we are going? It also brings a whole new dimension to the way we interact with the environment around us.

Rooted over 500,000 years in the past, wayfinding has evolved dramatically over the past decade.

Driven by the explosion of The Internet of Things (IoT), advances in beaconing technology, integrated wayfinding software platforms, and the the golden formula of experiential wayfinding: Proximity, Content, and Context. 

To help you understand more about each of these key drivers, we have pulled together a series of blog posts that will help on your journey toward creating unique wayfinding experiences for your customers.

Inetersted to see how wayfinding has evolved over the centuries? Take a look at our Infographic: The Evolution of Wayfinding. 

Just click on the infographic to enlarge it.

The Evolutio of Wayfinding Infographic


If you would like a more detailed account of how wayfinding has evolved over the centuries, download a copy of our eBook: The Evolution of Wayfinding. 

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