The Top Inpixon Events Features at the 2022 ABPM Spring Conference

July 16, 2022 by Andrea Williams
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Hybrid events connect audiences worldwide, and they’re here to stay. Seeing as how 73% of event planners see hybrid events becoming more common, a top consideration is to identify the technology needed to bridge the gap between the in-person and virtual audiences.  

The Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) held their annual ABPM Spring Conference in April this year, in a hybrid format, for the first time. The event, held every year to connect briefing professionals and share industry insights, welcomed attendees in Santa Clara, California and around the world. 

To offer an elevated hybrid event experience, the ABPM leveraged the Inpixon Events Management platform and mobile app so attendees could stay connected, and access a variety of resources throughout the event. 

Here are the top six features used at the 2022 ABPM Spring Conference, highlighted in our behind-the-scenes video, and the impact the Inpixon Events platform had on attendee experience.  

Personalized Agendas 

An attendee at the ABPM Spring 2022 conference browses their personalized agenda on the event’s custom mobile app.

From the initial keynote and multitude of sessions, to the tour day and gala award ceremony taking place over several days, the ABPM needed a way to schedule sessions and make it easier for participants to find the date, time and topics of the sessions they were attending or presenting. The agenda section on the Inpixon Events platform and mobile app allowed attendees at the ABPM conference to see exactly what events were going on, and save relevant ones to their “My Agenda” tab. This kept the experience personalized and straightforward for attendees, enabling them to create their own schedule, and join in directly from their agenda screen. 

Virtual Environment 

The ABPM 2022 Spring Conference’s virtual web interface powered by Inpixon’s Event Management platform.

It was important to the ABPM to offer flexibility to attendees, offering sessions both in-person or online. If anyone needed to leave an in-person session, they could always go into the virtual event platform and watch the session live, or even catch the recording later on, on-demand. With an event consisting of so many sessions, having the recordings allowed the ABPM to share valuable knowledge with their attendees, even after the conference was over. The virtual environment lists the session name, where it’s taking place, if it’ll be hybrid, its session leader information, and its time and date. Also, since the platform automatically adjusts to the time zone of the attendees, it enabled them stay engaged at their pace and timing. In addition, each event had a countdown clock that revealed exactly how long it would be until it would start, helping attendees to plan their day accordingly.

Navigation Using the Venue Map 

A candid photo of attendees at the ABPM 2022 Spring Conference navigating the venue.

The ABPM offered the venue map in Inpixon’s event app to help give participants peace of mind. Attendees could quickly access an indoor map of the Santa Clara venue and find the specific place they wanted to reach, whether that be the closest bathroom or the location of their next session. They could also use the map to familiarize themselves with the space ahead of time and get directions to the venue. 

Social Activity Feed 

An attendee at the ABPM 2022 Spring Conference browses the social activity feed in the event’s mobile app, powered by Inpixon Events.

The activity feed kept attendees engaged with each other throughout the entire conference. From sharing long-awaited meetups, pre-event travels and insights, the event feed helped build excitement before the event even started. Attendees were able to share, like, and comment on posts, allowing them to express themselves. They could also look back at the feed after the event and reflect on their conference experience.

Polls & Surveys 

Attendees at the ABPM 2022 Spring Conference gather around a cocktail table to browse the event’s mobile app.

For the ABPM, the post-event survey meant that the event organizers could gain valuable insights that help make decisions for future conferences. They also benefited from the snap poll feature by sending members an email asking questions like “Who has gone back to in-person briefings?” and sharing the poll results directly with attendees, in-app. This helped keep engagement high and ensured that attendees felt that their voices were being heard during the event. 

Integrated Podcasts 

An attendee at the ABPM 2022 Spring Conference browses a CXLive! Podcast episode using the event’s mobile app.

The ABPM was also able to share the CX Live! Podcast on the MyABPM mobile app, a podcast that features thought leaders in the briefing industry sharing tips and tricks on how to successfully coordinate a high performance executive briefing program. Attendees could easily go into the app and find an episode that catches their eye, with topics ranging from managing a virtual briefing program, to gaining executive buy-in. This was a fresh way to share valuable content in a unique, on-demand format, so attendees were able to listen to episodes on-the-go and between sessions.

Learn More About Inpixon Events 

The Inpixon Event Management platform is an all-in-one solution that is fully scalable and customizable, empowering you to create a highly personalized and engaging attendee experience for your audience. Whether you’re looking for a mobile event app, a virtual platform or a hybrid event platform, Inpixon has what you need to elevate experiences, gain insights on your events and streamline communication.


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How Inpixon Events Powered ABPM's Spring Conference

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