Your A- Z Guide to the New Workplace and Employee Experience

April 18, 2019 by Inpixon
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You may have heard terms like “workplace experience” and “smart campus” and wondered “What does that even mean? How can a venue be “smart”, like a tech gadget?”.

Welcome to the next level of digital transformation for the enterprise. The goal is for employee experience, customer experience, and any other on-site experience associated with your venue to be seamless across digital and in-person interactions. This has given rise to smart venues, where a smart, connected device strategy works converge digital touchpoints through a mobile app or other device with the physical surroundings and work environment around you - yielding personalized, location-aware, contextually-relevant experiences.

Such “smart” spaces are becoming the standard for corporate campuses - hence the rise in workplace experience trends that are driving today's modern workforce. It makes perfect sense that employees are more engaged and productive when working in a space geared to make each individual’s challenges easier to overcome. Facility management software that helps reduce the tech stack for operations while simultaneously increasing the user experience for employees is a win win in the digital workplace ecosystem.

Now here’s another question: “How can so much change be delivered via a mobile app platform?”. To answer that, we’ve prepared an infographic to walk you through all the features and benefits of workplace technology:

smart campusworkplace experience

smart campus