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Floorplan and Capacities

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Desk Booking

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The Landscape

The world of work is constantly in flux. With every decade, the layouts, designs and expectations around our offices evolve as each generation that enters the workforce brings their own expectations and ideas to the table. Sometimes these changes are subtle, like the addition of snacks and espresso machines to the office kitchen. Other times, they are drastic and paradigm-altering. 2020 was one of those times. As everyone turned home into their new office, no one knew when we’d be returning to work. But One Workplace had an idea.

One Workplace is a family-owned company with offices across Northern California and Washington state. Opened 95 years ago as a bookstore, One Workplace has evolved into the largest West Coast commercial interiors provider with a unique approach that includes furniture, construction, technology and services divisions all under one roof to design and create integrated, high-functioning, beautiful workplaces.

Almost four years ago, One Workplace set out on a journey to re-imagine the workplace experience. The result was a new way of work founded on the belief that empowering greater individual ownership over their work experiences by providing a wide range of options would allow employees to work at their absolute best.

Having already embraced a flexible working environment, One Workplace employees were empowered to work however and wherever they would be most successful. This growth mindset and predisposition to innovation meant that when the pandemic struck, One Workplace was able to continue working effectively with minimal disruption. Furthermore, a few months in, they were able to start planning for a safe and successful reopening of their offices. Here’s how they pulled it off.

The Challenge

For One Workplace, and many of their customers, there were some primary concerns they needed to address in order to reopen their offices –– primarily how they could make their physical spaces safe for employees and enable them to keep working efficiently. The solution they built would need to address both needs simultaneously while improving the overall employee experience. Furthermore, with many clients facing similar challenges, One Workplace wanted to create an enterprise-level platform that could handle a variety of use cases, remain scalable and also centrally controllable. One they could test, model, and promote.

Finally, the solution would need to make One Workplace employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. The prospect of returning to offices is polarizing, exciting for some employees and anxiety-inducing for others. One Workplace aimed to prioritize employee comfort along with their safety and productivity.

Since One Workplace had already embraced a flexible working culture, they were able to transition with minimal disruption. Rather than a ‘return-to-work,' One Workplace began planning for a step forward: a collective movement toward something new, something aspirational, and something that would transform One Workplace and its customers - no matter how or where their teams contribute.

One Workplace set out to find a technology solution that would go beyond the status quo and make their workplaces smarter, safer, and more engaging with three operational goals guiding the way.

Project Goals

Deploy a mobile app to support hybrid, flexible working solutions including desk-booking.

Improve the employee experience and engagement levels.

Ensure the safety and comfort of employees returning to the office in the wake of the pandemic.

The Journey

One Workplace recognized early on that technology would be the driving force behind a successful return-to-work initiative. They spent a great deal of time early in the pandemic evaluating a wide range of solutions to meet both their and their clients’ needs.

The organization began by establishing a return-to-work team to lead the initiative and identify their key stakeholders. They aimed to make data-driven decisions shaped by scientific health information, government regulations, and the ever shifting and changing market needs.

One Workplace requirements are unique in that this effort needed to address three unique stakeholder groups. They identified that they needed to consider the individual needs of their people, the diverse requirements of their people, the diverse requirements of their business units, and the unique expectations of their customers. Serving these three stakeholder groups guided them in providing for the health, safety, and security of their team, and their ability to create a meaningful and productive work experience.

The Solution

In order to address the varying needs of each of these groups, the team worked with Inpixon to deploy a mobile app that would revolutionize the way their employees interacted with their workplaces. They set out to use a mobile app and location technology to create an employee experience so engaging that employees would want to be on-site – but so connected they didn’t have to be. The solution had to serve as the main touchpoint for all of an employee’s interactions with their work. As such, interoperability was key. The solution also needed to be aesthetically pleasing and simple to use to ensure employee adoption.

The result: a solution that made the work environment safer, while respecting worker autonomy. Using their Our Workplace app, employees can find safe places to work throughout their office while management can maintain appropriate building capacity and adhere to local social distancing regulations and restrictions.

One Workplace Employee App - Floorplan and CapacitiesFloorplan and Capacities

Using Inpixon’s advanced, layer-based indoor maps, users can view the floor plan of the office, and see both the real-time and projected capacity levels based on booking and indoor positioning system (IPS) data.

One Workplace Employee App - Desk BookingDesk Booking

Employees can book desks in advance or on their way in the door, allowing for space planning and social distancing compliance.

One Workplace Employee App - WayfindingWayfinding

Inpixon’s smart wayfinding solutions power turn-by-turn navigation throughout large complex corporate environments.

One Workplace Employee App - Office Info & PerksOffice Info & Perks

Localized office information and amenities are available within the mobile app, allowing users to have a better understanding of their environment and what’s available.

One Workplace Employee App - DiningDining

Users can view menus and order their meals from within their workplace application, making lunch breaks less rushed and a more enjoyable experience.

One Workplace Employee App - WellnessWellness

The employee application serves as a hub for all parts of the employee experience, including wellness information and services like yoga classes.

Robbie Pitts, GM, Technology Division, One Workplace"Working with Inpixon... It’s probably the best choice we’ve ever made."

Robbie Pitts, General Manager, Technology Division | One Workplace

Measuring Success

When it comes to something as critical as the health, safety and engagement of an organization’s employees, it’s imperative that results are measured and success is defined. That’s why the application provides a host of metrics that monitor:

  • App download and adoption rates
  • App usage rates
  • The number of people reentering the office
  • In-app engagement metrics
  • Employee NPS scores
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Employee turnover rates
  • General business performance KPIs

marjorie-synder-250"The Our Workplace app helps me easily locate and book a space in the workplace, streamlining my return to the office, integrating Zoom meeting invites and confirming my location to share with my teammates."

Marj Snyder, Product Marketing Manager | One Workplace

The Future

Today, more than ever before, users expect their spaces to be extremely functional, highly interactive, and hubs for collaboration. Technology has become as important to the employee experience as network connectivity and the furniture in an office, and the Our Workplace app applies the highest standards of collaboration, communication, installation and integration to ensure that One Workplace is exceeding their employees’ and customers’ expectations.

One Workplace understands that employee experience initiatives cannot be treated as ‘set it and forget it’ tasks. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out in March of 2021, “companies will have little choice but to accommodate workers' demands, as an inflexible workplace could drive employees away as the economy rebounds."

New ways of working are here to stay. By providing one mobile app to employees that enables them to do everything, One Workplace is simplifying employees’ lives and creating less headaches for organizational IT teams who need to manage permissions for multiple applications. And in the process, they’ve created a solution that helps them continue to adapt, no matter what tomorrow brings.


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