August 1, 2015

Advances in wayfinding technology point hospitals in the right direction

Traditionally, hospital wayfinding has relied heavily on colour and symbolism, flooring and ceiling cues, easily identifiable landmarks, and static maps and signs. But today, this is no longer good enough, particularly since most hospitals that undergo renovation and expansion often fail to properly update their wayfinding program. As a result, patients and visitors struggle to traverse the maze of the modern medical complex. For sick patients, navigating a building that has unclear or ambiguous signage leaves them feeling lost, scared and frustrated. Naturally, they turn to hospital staff for assistance; however, staff are already stretched to their limit in an environment where timeliness is critical to delivering quality care.



To improve the patient experience, wayfinding kiosks to supplement traditional signage. Typically positioned at a hospital entrance, kiosks enable patients to check-in for appointments on arrival; chart a route to their treatment destination and obtain an estimated walk time; and print and/or send directions to their mobile device. However, as people have become more accustomed to the convenience of their mobile devices and apps, they expect the same level of accessibility in other industries to be extended to their treatment experience. This has prompted hospitals to develop mobile wayfinding apps that patients can download to their mobile devices, providing immediate access to appointment notifications and information, driving directions, remote check-in, turn-by-turn indoor navigation and continuous interaction throughout the continuum of care.


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Chris Wiegand

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