July 9, 2021

Deployment of Workplace Apps Driven by Hybrid Working Models


The article 'Deployment of Workplace Apps Driven by Hybrid Working Models' appeared in Memoori.

"Workplace Experience Apps are fast becoming a key software tool in future-proof commercial real estate. In the Post-COVID era, with many occupiers exploring options for downsizing or moving to hybrid working, a growing number of landlords are eager to tap into the opportunity for a more digitized workplace experience." "Inpixon's app aims to deliver an enhanced work experience for employees regardless of their location...this is one of an increasing number of technology solutions put in place to address the change in working styles in the post-pandemic environment." "Vendors are continuing to see strong demand for solutions which bring together a number of work functions into a unified, employee-friendly mobile experience. They can support a safe return to the workplace for employees during and after the pandemic and lay the foundation for more agile and future-oriented working."

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