September 25, 2015

Digital Natives Drive Situational Awareness

Phone_and_Mobile.pngThe way we work is changing. This palpable shift is driven by a generation of digital natives, who favour flexibility over structure; they are self-directing and results-oriented and they are accustomed to using consumer-oriented applications to get the job done.

While they don’t mind putting in the hours, they don’t see the need to be at work at the same time everyday, work at the same desk every day, or work in the same country as their employer. In fact, these talented individuals seek the freedom to pursue a variety of activities during the workday, hence the growing trend toward freelancing – according to Forbes an estimated 34% of the U.S. workforce is already freelancing.

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Jean Moncrieff

Jean Moncrieff is Jibestream's Location Independent Marketing Lead – current location, Italy. In addition to all things marketing, he loves travel, writing, and red wine. Currently experimenting with vegetarianism.

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