April 6, 2020

Inpixon Analytics: New Release Changes the Face of Indoor Intelligence



We’re pleased to announce that today, we have released the next generation of Inpixon Analytics. We have refreshed and enhanced the platform with industry-leading new features, as well as updates to some customer favorites, to empower organizations with the indoor intelligence required to succeed in any environment. 

With a clean new user interface, new reports and dashboards, and our robust analytics engine, Inpixon Analytics users have access to more actionable insights than ever before. Some of the many enhancements and new features include:

New Contextual Views & Essential Dashboards

In addition to our completely redesigned user interface, users now have access to new report types and KPI dashboards, including a calendar view which presents multiple data points on a calendar allowing users to see trends at a glance or to correlate data to weather, promotions or event dates. We’ve also made improvements to our heat maps, and made it even easier to integrate and display weather data to provide key context for foot traffic. 

Indoor location data makes more sense with the geospatial context of a map. Inpixon Analytics now comes with enhanced, intelligent map views of facility data displayed by area, providing organizations with increased visibility into how facilities are used.

Advanced Analytics Engine

Inpixon Analytics utilizes new backend architecture that delivers faster analysis and drives powerful new capabilities. Leverage data science-derived algorithms to obtain near real-time insights and forecast using AI-enabled predictive analytics to see the likely future based on your historical data.

Improved People Flow Metrics

Leverage Inpixon Analytics to uncover loyalty metrics and study the movement and frequency of visits from new and returning visitors, and to see dwell times throughout a facility. The platform also empowers organizations to move beyond conjecture and use journey dendrograms to visualize the paths being taken into and throughout buildings.


Organizations can use the Inpixon Analytics comparison features to easily compare two time periods at one location, or one time period across multiple sites. Used in conjunction with our events results analysis features, organizations can easily see the impact of their events on traffic and guest movement to analyze the efficacy of date-specific promotions and events.

All of these exciting, innovative features and many more are available in the new and improved Inpixon Analytics. View the brochure and contact our team today to unlock the indoor intelligence held within your venues. 


This blog post contains forward looking statements which are subject to risks and uncertainties. Please click here to learn more.


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