September 27, 2018

New Features Enhance Jibestream's CMS Helping Users To Work Faster and Smarter

Jibestream 4.8 New Release feature previews

TORONTO, September 27, 2018 -- Jibestream, the premier indoor mapping platform provider, announced today the release of a series of new features and enhancements that enable users to work faster and more efficiently within the Jibestream Content Management System (CMS). Jibestream’s extensive CMS is used by clients to create, view, manage and configure venue and mapping data across a global portfolio of buildings.

The main highlights of this release include optimizations to the User Interface (UI), an additional geolocation coordinate entry method, support for map overlays, venue shortcuts and an array of enhanced design features.

“The Jibestream platform is a powerful and robust tool for enterprise organizations that are looking to digitize their indoor spaces and create map-enabled solutions. While the CMS is just one component, it’s what our customers use everyday to manage their mapping data,” said Jon Barnett, Vice President of Engineering at Jibestream. “We are continually adding new features and functionality to our CMS making it faster and easier to use.”

The new Jibestream UI enhancements help users work faster so they can get new features released to their map-enabled applications quicker. Administrators can not only load thousands of venues in Jibestream’s CMS in less than a second, they can also rest assured that their app experience will not be disrupted when deploying new features.

For indoor venues to be appropriately represented on a map, they must be geolocated on the world map. This process requires precision. With the new geolocation override feature, Jibestream users now have the option to position buildings on the world map leveraging Jibestream’s CMS by either visually aligning maps or by manually inputting map coordinates.

With the new map overlay feature, map images can be uploaded to the Jibestream CMS to use as a stencil ensuring destinations are accurately and more efficiently plotted. This overlay provides a guide for Jibestream administrators allowing them to more quickly plot data and identify any anomalies that require attention.

This release also features a collection of new elements and design enhancements that make it easier for administrators to work in the Jibestream CMS. Improvements include redesigned buttons for better visibility, optimized panel layouts maximizing screen real estate and more intuitive designs simplifying the overall user experience.

The new features and enhancements are live and available in the latest versions of Jibestream’s indoor mapping platform. More information on Jibestream is available at

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