June 4, 2020

New Release - 4.13 Feature Roundup

The latest version of our indoor mapping platform is now available, and it includes important new features for CMS administrators and developers alike. Check out the details below! 


Manage Multiple Customer Accounts with a Single Log-in

If you’re an Inpixon partner that manages multiple Inpixon mapping customers, you no longer need to maintain multiple log-ins. Simply use this new dialog to choose which customer you’d like to manage in that session. This simplifies multi-account management and facilitates switching between customers.



Label Clustering Extended to Android and Web


Map administrators and developers now have unparalleled flexibility to decide how unit, street, and other labels appear in the user interface. Switch on label clustering in the Venue Manager’s Create/Edit Venue dialog to group labels together when they would otherwise overlay each other. Developers can use the SDK to specify the number of labels visible for a given zoom scale and to control the threshold when clustering should occur.


Automatic Padding for GeoJSON Imports

When importing a GeoJSON map, the padding area outside your map boundary will automatically be created for you, and you can easily adjust it to your desired positioning. Once saved, that padding will apply to any other GeoJSON files you import. This means you can use the CMS rather than an external tool to handle your map padding. 

Why does padding matter? Padding allows you to include areas beyond your venue boundaries, which is useful for including external references such as roads, and it allows you to maneuver visualization (e.g., pan) beyond the boundary of the imported map.



Bulk Import of Destinations and Zones

Save time and reduce manual entry by importing multiple destinations or zones from a CSV file using Map Manager’s Bulk Add button. 



Expanded Availability of UUIDs


Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) are now available on many more data objects for use via the APIs. UUIDs are available for numerous objects including amenities, waypoints, destinations, units, venues, path types, labels, and floors. You can manually specify a UUID when creating  an object or have the system generate the UUID for you. 

UUID values are unique across tables, databases, modules, and even servers. UUIDs help developers to code with confidence. They save time, ease integrations, and help avoid object conflicts and errors.


Version 4.13 Release - Feature Roundup

Highlights of this release include:

    • Label Clustering
    • Multiple Customer Management Improvements
    • Expanded Availability of UUIDs
    • And more!


These features and more are available immediately within version 4.13 of our indoor mapping platform. Book a demo today to see these industry-leading features in action!


Read the full press release here.

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