March 8, 2018

New Release - 4.4 Feature Roundup

Jibestream 4.4 Feature Roundup

The latest release of our indoor mapping platform is now available and it's our most anticipated release yet. With this release, both administrators and users will benefit from our unwavering efforts in creating unmatched user experiences. 

Create new and meaningful ways for users to interact with your indoor space using these powerful new features!


Version 4.4 Release - Features Roundup

Highlights of this release include Map Profiles, an Office 365 Outlook plugin, destination proximity services, single sign-on, and more.


Want to read more about the Jibestream 4.4 release? Read the full press release.

Topic(s): new features


Jibestream offers the world’s most scalable platform that equips developers with the tools to add indoor #MapsInYourApps. Jibestream is renowned for their approach to making indoor spaces addressable by integrating business data with indoor maps.

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