June 6, 2018

New Release - 4.6 Feature Roundup

Have you heard the story about the company who didn't have current CAD drawings of their building? This is actually quite common, but it doesn't have to be.



Many indoor mapping companies have map editors that can work with CAD files, but they don't offer a means for users to extract their updated maps. You can make edits, but when you download your maps from the editor program, you only get back the version that was originally brought in. There is always the option of going to an architect, but that can be costly and time consuming.

The good news is there is another alternative! This is where the newest addition to Jibestream's indoor mapping platform comes in. We are excited to announce Jibestream's map format exchange utility. This new feature gives you the ability to modify, add data onto, and extract your maps (with your saved changes) in a CAD-friendly format that can be opened in applications like AutoCAD, FreeCAD, DraftSight, Illustrator or any other CAD viewer – all without having to engage an architect.

Get in the know and see Jibestream's map exchange utility in action in this 4.6 release video with Xerxes, our Principal Software Engineer and Dana, our Map Design Lead.

Want to make changes to your maps and extract them with your saved changes in a CAD-friendly format? You got it!

Have multiple teams that need the most recent up-to-date CAD files? No problem!

Don't have CAD files? Not anymore!

Version 4.6 Release - Feature Roundup

Make changes to your maps. Export your maps in a CAD-friendly format – with all your changes reflected. All from within Jibestream!


Want to read more about the Jibestream 4.6 release? Read the full press release.

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