August 16, 2018

New Release - 4.7 Feature Roundup

Our team of developers have been working hard to bring you a powerful series of new features and enhancements that help to accelerate implementation time and simplify maintenance for developers and administrators. Introducing the latest additions to the Inpixon indoor mapping and location platform!



The star of this release is the new Map User Interface (UI) Kit. The Kit consists of a series of pre-made mapping UI elements that reduce the amount of code a developer would have to write to create a functional map application by 87%!

Learn more about the Map UI Kit and other enhancements included in this release from Jibestream SDK Developer, Louie, and Jibestream Front-End Developer, Sean—both who've had a hand in building what you're about to see!

Version 4.7 Release - Feature Roundup

Highlights of this release include a Map UI Kit, Localized Keywords, Map Exchange Utility Enhancement, a floor sequencer, and more.


Want to read more about the Jibestream 4.7 release? Read the full press release.

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Jibestream offers the world’s most scalable platform that equips developers with the tools to add indoor #MapsInYourApps. Jibestream is renowned for their approach to making indoor spaces addressable by integrating business data with indoor maps.

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