September 27, 2018

New Release - 4.8 Feature Roundup

Jibestream 4.8 New Release

We’ve made some enhancements to the Jibestream Content Management System (CMS) this month to make the user experience easier, faster, more intuitive, and downright more enjoyable!

Firstly, we’ve optimized geolocation functionality within the CMS. Because of the complexity of trying to plot a flat, two-dimensional map on a round globe, we’ve optimized the CMS with a geolocation override tool. To enable you to accurately place your venues on a world map, there are now two options to geolocate your map. You can either:

  • visually align your map to the world;
  • or manually input your coordinates using markers for longitude, latitude, or top right and bottom left orientation.

This is especially helpful for those cases where your app is integrated with components from the outdoor world, like parking lots.

We have also given the CMS a little face-lift. With our new map overlay feature, you can now upload a map image to use as a stencil to plot destinations and quickly review your map. You’ll also notice that not only can you load thousands of venues into the CMS in less than a second, you can rest easy knowing that your app experience will not be disrupted when deploying new features. Additionally, users will notice that processes ranging from navigation to updating waypoints have become more simple and more intuitive.

For the full rundown of all the new features and CMS optimizations and upgrades included in version 4.8, download the brochure.

Version 4.8 Release - Feature Roundup

This release features new functionality and enhancements that enable you to work faster and smarter.


For further details about the Jibestream 4.8 release, read the full press release 

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Jibestream offers the world’s most scalable platform that equips developers with the tools to add indoor #MapsInYourApps. Jibestream is renowned for their approach to making indoor spaces addressable by integrating business data with indoor maps.

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