December 6, 2018

New Release - 4.9 Feature Roundup

The latest version of Inpixon's indoor mapping platform is now available and we’re happy to share the details of this new release with you! Version 4.9 is packed with new features and functionality giving the gift of an enhanced experience for those working with and styling maps in the Inpixon content management system (CMS).



Simply Style and Share Previews of Your Maps

Map Templates allow map managers to change the look and feel of a venue’s map from the Inpixon CMS in seconds - without having to do any coding. This feature provides a series of pre-styled map design templates for easy styling. When selected, styling is automatically applied to a venue’s significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to style a map. This new feature also gives users the ability to quickly generate web-based previews. This makes seeing how maps will appear in the end application very easy, and simplifies the process of sharing previews with your stakeholders for review.

Even Easier to Use Interface

We’ve also added several features to make the CMS even easier to use. Our new snap-to-path feature simplifies the process of drawing paths and plotting waypoints on a map, and a new LBox Generator which automatically creates label boxes for map objects upon upload to the Jibestream CMS. These new features, in addition to the new and improved amenities icon library, reconfigured Map Manager search, and Map Editor enhancements contribute to extensive time savings while simplifying the the user experience for Inpixon administrators. 

Version 4.9 Release - Feature Roundup

Highlights of this release include:

    • The Map templates
    • Enhanced path and waypoint plotting
    • Automated label box creation
    • An extensive library of amenity icons
    • And more!

These features and more are available in version 4.9 of Jibestream’s indoor mapping platform. Book a demo today to see it in action!

Want to read more about the Jibestream 4.9 release? Read the full press release.

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