December 3, 2020

New Release - Inpixon Mapping 4.14 Feature Roundup

Your favorite indoor mapping platform is now even better! Check out the newest features available with Inpixon Mapping 4.14. 


Version 4.14 Release - Feature Roundup

Highlights of this release include:

  • Redesigned Inpixon Mapping log-in
  • Simplified onboarding process to add new CMS users
  • Customer Admin Tool for managing sub-customers and tenants
  • IPS Package Export Tool
  • SDK-based dynamic wayfinding
  • Move geometric shapes between layers
  • Enhancements, optimizations and more!

Redesigned Log-in

The Inpixon Mapping log-in screen has received a facelift! 

Inpixon Mapping New Release

Simplified New CMS User Onboarding Process

Administrators can now easily create new user accounts and optionally set a temporary password for the user or trigger an email for users to set their own password.

New Customer Admin Tool

Easily manage sub-customers and tenants. If you’re an Inpixon partner and manage your customers’ use of Inpixon Mapping, you'll love the new Customer Administration Tool which simplifies the management of sub-administrators. 

  • Quickly and easily add new customers and allocate venue licenses 
  • Create and manage Map Profiles for customers. Map Profiles, which are used to manage map views, ensure that users only see the parts of a map for which they have permissions 
  • Create and edit API keys for customer. API keys are used for SDK access and API read/write access for system integrations

Inpixon Mapping New Release - Customer Admin Tool

IPS Package Export Tool 

If you are taking advantage of Inpixon Mapping’s technology-agnostic architecture and are using a third-party indoor positioning system (IPS) to provide blue dot functionality with your Inpixon maps, they may require certain information from the Inpixon Mapping platform, such as rasterized map images.

With the new web-based IPS Package Export Tool, you can quickly extract a zip file of a particular map or the entire venue. The zip file contains: 

  • Map images in high-resolution PNG and SVG formats 
  • A json file containing lat/long coordinates for absolute positioning and scaling information 
  • And other helpful information 

SDK-Based Dynamic Wayfinding

In addition to using the Inpixon Mapping CMS to implement wayfinding parameters, developers can now build dynamic wayfinding right into web and mobile applicationswith no CMS user intervention required. CMS users can still change wayfinding attributes and functionality as desired. 

Through the SDKs, you can set pathway changes to be reflected automatically at certain times of days or when particular attributes are met. Or you can trigger pathway changes to occur dynamically when triggered by an external system. 

Here are a few of the many situations you can address with this new capability: 

  • Set pathways as one-direction (e.g., for social distancing or at an airport security checkpoint). 
  • Close particular routes on weekends. 
  • Change allowable pathway direction based on the time of day to reduce crowding (e.g., open more lanes as people arrive in the morning and reverse the direction at the end of the day). 
  • Block certain pathways based on maintenance or a safety/security incident (e.g., for deep-cleaning of contaminated areas, or to address a chemical spill, active shooter, etc.). 

Move Geometric Shapes Between Layers 

Want to move a geometric shapfrom one layer to another without having to go back into an SVG editor or CAD file? Now you can, with the enhanced Map Editor in the Inpixon Mapping Content Management System (CMS)Simply click Change Shape Layer and move a shape to the desired layer. 

These features and more are available within version 4.14 of our indoor mapping platform. Book a demo today to see these industry-leading features in action!
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