September 30, 2021

New Release: Inpixon Mapping 4.15 Feature Roundup

Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest version of our indoor mapping platform, Inpixon Mapping 4.15! 


With every update, we find powerful new ways to help Inpixon Mapping customers, across a myriad of industries, harness the power of map-enabled applications to improve productivity, safety and accelerate business results. It’s our goal to empower your developers and make it easier to deliver personalized, location-aware solutions that transform the way users navigate complex indoor spaces and better bridge the digital and physical divide.

Version 4.15 Release – Feature Roundup 

  • Redesigned CMS interface 
  • Okta SSO 
  • New Standalone SDK Service for isolated SDK calls 
  • IMDF Export in our Map Export Tool (beta) 
  • GeoJSON layer reordering with map templates 
  • Venue boundary in SDK calls for seamless rendering of all your buildings on a world map 
  • Enhancements, optimizations and more

Enhanced CMS Interface and Smoother User Experience 

Inpixon Mapping CMS Interface screenshot

We’ve given our Mapping CMS a facelift to make it sleeker and more intuitive. We added enhancements like improved usability with forms and tables, simplified venue selection, and more to streamline CMS experiences so you can get to the finish line, faster. 

Even though it has a new look, our CMS retains all the same pre-existing features Inpixon Mapping customers love. 

Simple and Secure Log-In with Okta SSO 

inpixon-mapping-4-15-okta-ssoSecurely logging into your Inpixon Mapping CMS is now frictionless. Through Okta SSO, users can use their existing credentials to login into the CMS, helping you simply and securely access everything you need to get your work done. 

Pick What You Need SDK Standalone Service 

Inpixon Mapping SDK Standalone Service diagram

Have you ever wanted to access a single SDK functionality outside of our core platform? Now you can! Our new SDK Standalone Service opens up all the functionalities of Inpixon’s SDKs and allows you to isolate any single function from the core platform to deliver it as a standalone version.

This new service makes it even easier for developers to implement their solutions today and sets our platform up for expanded API features in future versions.

Developers can instantly select and scale a duplicate of any SDK feature, without having to change the core platform and with higher availability than it. Moreover, this set of SDK endpoints is extremely fast, making calls for actionable details like name, keywords, tags, location, map, venue and waypoints of a location quicker and more accessible than from the core platform. 

Inpixon Mapping Map Export Tool screenshot

IMDF Exports Added to Map Export Tool (beta) 

Along with exporting Maps and IPS Packages, Inpixon Mapping users can now go further with our technology-agnostic architecture with the ability to export IMDF-configured venues to IMDF (Indoor Mapping Data Format) files. Easily export IMDF maps that meet requirements for Apple Maps and their open format. 

Consistent GEOJSON Layer Reordering Across Venues 

Want your new map uploads to follow a specific layer order you’ve set for other venues? With release 4.15, you can now use the Map Styler to save a desired order of layers as a map template and easily apply it to GeoJSON uploads, so new or updated files can quickly match your predetermined configurations. 

Bring consistency into layer sequences across your venues and easily reshuffle them based on what works for you. 

Easily Render All Your Buildings on a World Map 

Customer SDK calls now include GeoJSON features of venue boundaries from the default floor of a building’s map. With this functionality you can seamlessly render multiple building outlines to visualize all your venues on a world map. Instead of making individual SDK calls for each of your venues, you’ll just need one.  

Inpixon Mapping is an indoor mapping and location solution that integrates key business data with multi-layered digital maps to deliver indoor intelligence. The solution’s SDKs, APIs and CMS, give developers the flexibility and control to create and manage tailored map-enabled solutions that support multiple use cases from a single, centralized system. Inpixon Mapping brings geospatially accurate indoor maps into your web and mobile applications, so you can create smart indoor spaces and enriched experiences of place.  

These features and more are available within version 4.15 of our indoor mapping platform. Book a demo today to see these industry-leading features in action!


This blog post contains forward looking statements which are subject to risks and uncertainties. Please click here to learn more.

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