March 24, 2021

Upcoming Webinar: Employee Apps and the Evolution of Experience

No one understands that the employee experience is one of the key factors in retaining top talent in workplaces quite like One WorkplaceAs the standards for workplace and employee experiences are shifting drastically towards spaces and technology that support collaboration and communication, One Workplace has been a leader in supporting organizations as they undergo digital office transformations. That’s why I'm excited to be sitting down with them on April 7th to talk about how they’re meeting the future of work full on with smart employee apps. 


One Workplace doesn’t just create spaces, they put them to work. From startups, to biotech, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between, One Workplace creates high-performing spaces that help businesses keep pace with change. It’s an approach that offers construction, technology, and design under one roof, so your entire space – and organization – work better together.  

In the wake of COVID-19, One Workplace is helping to create consistent experiences across enterprises, whether employees are in or out of the office. To meet this challenge, One Workplace turned to CX App and Inpixon. By partnering with us, One Workplace is going beyond the typical to enhance overall employee experiences. Learn more about how One Workplace uses our workplace experience app to tracking app adoption rates, the number of people coming back to work, app engagement metrics and if desks are being used efficiently.  

Join us on April 7th for a live webinar where I’ll be talking with Robbie Pitts, General Manager Technology Division at One Workplace and Leon Papkoff, CEO of the CXApp to discuss how they’re creating the new normal for workplace experiences. During the webinar, we’ll cover topics like:  

  • How to use technology to create exceptional employee experiences 
  • What we can expect the future of work to look like 
  • How desk and room booking technology can help power a safe return-to-work 
  • How to measure the success of your employee app 
  • And more! 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the leaders. Request recording today! 

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