April 16, 2019

What You Need to Know About Indoor Maps


The post "What You Need to Know About Indoor Maps" appeared first on the Senion blog. 

"When we think about IoT technology as it relates to large complex buildings, especially in the context of connected offices and corporate campuses, it’s easy to focus on the ‘things’ that make up the Internet of Things. While important, beacons and sensors are only part of the equation. Location-awareness is key to making a space ‘smart,’ which means having a digital representation of the location to provide meaningful geospatial context. Put simply, without digitized indoor maps, you can have an indoor positioning system, but your end users will only see a blue dot floating on a blank screen. Context is the key here."

"That’s why we like to say that indoor maps and indoor positioning systems go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are complementary solutions that when leveraged together unlock a world of possibilities."

"What many organizations find surprising in their smart building journey is that not all indoor mapping providers are created equally. When building out any IoT stack, it’s important to select vendors and technologies that not only help you achieve your immediate goals, but also won’t limit you down the line. Here are five questions to keep in mind when selecting an indoor mapping provider to lay the foundation for your smart building."

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