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The CXApp Live! Podcast

We're unfiltered. We're authentic. We're having a conversation.


The CXApp Live! Podcast is an interview-style show dedicated to helping briefing and meeting professionals elevate customer experience using new tools, methods and perspectives.

Each episode is an exploration of trends and real-world applications impacting the briefing and meeting industry with innovative thought-leaders from top companies. Get insider tips and tricks on how to tackle day-to-day challenges and incorporate CX (customer experience) strategies into every aspect of your program.

Episode Guide

Episode 49
In this episode, John Panek, Senior Manager of Zebra Technologies’ North American Executive Briefing Program & Experience Centers explores the idea of promoting the value of executive briefing programs within the organization, and the opportunities..
Episode 48
In this episode, Simon Grice, Senior Director in the Chief Innovation Office at ServiceNow discusses how to build a global briefing center program to support company objectives and customer success, capable of evolving with the organization. 
Episode 47
In this episode, Jan Mark Holzer, Senior Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat Inc. explores how having a data-driven approach in your briefing strategy can help gain insights to further customize your briefing program and deepen your relationship with..
Episode 46
In this episode, Nathan Pisik, Global Strategy Senior Advisor for the Dell Technologies Executive Briefing Program discusses the importance of building trust with the sales team to create customer-focused briefing agendas, that will ultimately help..
Episode 45
In this episode, David Rogers, Director of Operations & Technology Integration at Microsoft explores the topic of analytics and performance measurement strategies that can help briefing programs achieve world class.s.
Episode 44
In this episode, serving as the second of two parts in a conversation on multi-center briefing programs, Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting, discusses how briefing programs can achieve consistency across multiple locations.
Episode 43
In this episode, serving as the first of two parts in a conversation on multi-center briefing programs, Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting, explores the best practices for programs to reach excellence across all their..
Episode 42
In this episode, Marcy Nelsen, Director of AT&T’s Corporate Briefing Program, shares insights on the best strategies to achieve world-class operations in your briefing program, and staying competitive in a continuously evolving industry.
Episode 41
In this episode, Jesse Hanz, Director of Customer Experience at Schneider Electric dives into the Management category of the ABPM’s Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program and how to create a strategy for success in management best..
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About Your Host



Darby Mason-Werner

Senior Director, Client & Partner Strategy

Darby has 15+ years building and consulting for Corporate Briefing Centers worldwide. Her signature trademark is creating and developing consistent and scalable processes for programs that are looking to not only ‘wow’ their customers but also build functional models that stand the test of time. With this podcast, Darby is eager to help fellow briefing program colleagues simplify their lives with effective technology and tools while creating engaging experiences for their customers.