CX Live! Ep56: A First Look at the ABPM's Updated Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs

With Elizabeth Simpson, Candie Hurley
Podcast Length: 60 min Minutes

In this episode, Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM, and Candie Hurley, Coach/Trainer/Consultant at, share key insights from our 2022 episodes dedicated to the main categories of the ABPM’s Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs document and give a “first look” into recent changes to this aspirational guide that briefing programs reference to achieve world class.    

Episode Highlights:

  • An understanding that this document offers the foundational principles that briefing programs reference for each of the five categories: Customer Experience, Analytics, Management, Operations, and Multi-Center Programs
  • The importance of the characteristics within each of the five categories, how they continued to guide briefing teams through the pandemic, and remain applicable for programs
  • Key insights from each of the five thought leaders who were interviewed along with examples they shared for achieving world class
  • A review of the process for making changes to the document, a “first look” at those changes and the thinking behind them
  • Inspiring words of wisdom for briefing programs as we move into 2023

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Elizabeth Simpson


Elizabeth has been with ABPM for over 20 years and took on the role of President in 2018. She works closely with Briefing Program teams to understand their challenges and to provide resources that will help them successfully meet those challenges. She has been instrumental in strengthening services and evolving ABPM as an organization.

Candie Hurley

Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Candie supports briefing professionals in benchmarking their programs across the briefing industry. She also delivers training and coaching to help briefing programs create more impactful customer experiences that strengthen customer relationships, uncover new business opportunities, and accelerate the sales cycle. A frequent session leader at ABPM conferences, she is also very involved in facilitating ABPM advisory board discussions to continue advancing the briefing profession.