CX Live! Ep20: Small Briefing Programs (Managing On-Site, Virtual & Hybrid Models) w/ Christina Scolieri and Craig Valent

Podcast Length: 1 hr 10 min Minutes

In this episode, we talk with Christina and Craig from Omnicell and get candid insights about what it’s like and what it takes to run a small briefing program with less staff, less budget, and fewer resources.

Episode highlights:

  • Small briefing center challenges

  • Reflections on sharing responsibilities between 2 people
  • Being the wearer of multiple hats
  • Addressing the blurred line between job role and where to focus efforts
  • How to ensure on-site visits are strategic
  • Knowing what information to share/show customers in shorter timeframes
  • Allowing space for the in-between moments
  • Helping leadership understand capital improvements/facilities for the center
  • Helping leadership understand EBC best practices
  • The value of laying ground rules for how/when/who can use the space
  • Ideas for using multimedia in agenda details
  • Using briefing tools to aid in before, during, and after journeys
  • Use cases for increased automation
  • How to create one reference place to house all customer information and touchpoints
  • And of course… building trust within your team first and foremost!

Guest Info



Researched, developed, prototyped, and piloted a tool that analyzes hospital specific medication and Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) data to provide recommendations on best practice; Created proprietary algorithms within the aforementioned tool to run “studies” against certain data sets to provide customers with research style outputs; Also created proprietary algorithms to designate specific medication administration dosing and associated unit dosing price in order to provide hospitals with more insight into bedside medication spend. Advanced use of SQL, Databricks, Qlik & Microsoft Office Systems



Experienced Sales / Marketing Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry. Skilled in Product Demonstrations, Medical Devices, Sales Enablement/Operations, Executive Briefing Programs, Training Technology, and Project Management. Strong technology professional with a Master of Science (M.S.) focused in Project Management from Robert Morris University.